Probably, now it is not a secret for anyone that due to the abundance of natural resources such as oil and gas, the UAE is considered to be one of the most developed and richest countries in the world. Indeed, according to the latest statistics from Gulf Research Center, the UAE's oil reserves are the fourth largest in the world.

Having such that is to say natural potential, the UAE wisely invests in diversification of its economy, reducing its dependence on exports of the "black gold" and emphasizes its attention to the development of infrastructure and construction as well as flourishes the growth of large and small businesses, tourism, finance and education. It can also be noted that because of the credit boom that emerged after 2000s, Dubai has become a financial gateway and cosmopolitan center of the Middle East. Thus, taking into consideration all this consequences the UAE can provide (highly-)qualified specialists with a wide range of specializations and working places.

It is also worth noting the fact that each of seven Emirates has its own individual Development Plan for decades to come. For example, in the Sharjah Development Plan for 2020, drafted in 2003, the main priority is to improve the development of infrastructure, as well as the development of tourism, academic institutions and the promotion of trade and different investment activities. However, Dubai has commenced an early diversification of its economy towards the development of ports, trade, finance and services. Thus, having consolidated its position as a global hub, Dubai and, of course, the UAE in overall show the world that they are moving from "hard" to "soft" projects – from petroleum industry to educational and innovative projects. Mobility, opportunities and sustainability have become the fundamental principles of the long-term development strategy of Dubai.

As a result, it should be noted that the Hospitality sector has a strong impetus for development in the UAE. Additionally, the UAE has become one of the countries (in the Middle East and Africa), which takes a leading position when it comes to investing in tourism. It is projected that incomes of the hotel and restaurant business in the UAE through 2020 will increase annually by 10.8%.

In the light of the above-mentioned, we would like to stress your attention to the fact that in Dubai and other Emirates as well as countries of the Persian Gulf hospitality sector is highly developed and maintains constant supply of workplaces. The good news is that DubaiWork being one of few HR companies in the post-Soviet space that provides recruitment services in a variety of business sectors. What is more important, we have a large selection of vacancies in hospitality sector starting from the hotel porter and finishing with leading managerial positions in countries such as Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and, of course, the UAE.  

In turn, we expect candidates to know English at the level of Intermediate, previous experience in the same position is advantage; and simply to be responsible and with communication skills person. After you’ve got the job you wanted, as a rule, you are provided by the Employer with a full package which includes namely: work visa, medical insurance, daily meals and accommodation, paid flights (paid tickets in both directions) and leave.

Following the code of professional ethics, DubaiWork achieves its goals in a timely manner due to the effective and balanced approaches to work with both Customers and potential Candidates for an open vacancies. While establishing the partnership with our customers, we value transparent, long-term and stable relationships. We firmly believe in progress, career growth, people, thoughts and actions, and the likelihood that life can be qualitatively changed for the better.