While choosing your Place of Work, the destination should be known to everyone, as there are many decisive moments on the way. Qatar is considered to be the richest country in the world. And this is not a loud statement; it's just a factor that gives you an understanding that the country is able to provide you with ample opportunities for personal growth and professional development, career boost and substantial earnings. This is a compromise solution for a person who respects the principles of the Receiving State, counts on rapid and guaranteed career growth and is not afraid of high competition.

The United Arab Emirates also occupies a leading position in the list of countries with the most developed economy and modern infrastructure, which certainly attracts millions of tourists every year and places high demand on fluctuation of workforce flow in Hospitality sector. Once you see the Emirates, you will never be indifferent to this place. More specifically, it will pleasantly surprise you by the conciliation between the conservatism of local culture and the country's extraordinary sincere intention to meet the needs of all visitors no matter what is the purpose of their stay: work, business meeting or tourism. Comfort and safety of life, super-new technologies and buildings, insane amount of sports opportunities, temples of all religions and confessions, and much more will surround you on a daily basis.

Oman and Bahrain are now new destinations for our Candidates. Over the past 45 years these countries have shown a very rapid economic development and constitute a worthy competition on the labour market, satisfying job-seekers in their demand. The level of wages is often much higher than in the neighbouring countries. Oman ranks first in the speed of opening new VIP class facilities in the Persian Gulf countries and today we have many unique high-paying positions in this country, both in Hospitaliy sector, and in other following activity fields: PR & Advertising, Finance& Banking, Law, Retail, Real Estate and many others.

Your decision to find a job abroad should be weighed and thought out. It should be a reasonable and serious step and the goal is to significantly improve your life and willingness to learn everything that companies with a world-wide reputation offer: respect for the company and its principles, ability to work in a team with representatives of all countries of the world, the desire to learn English perfectly and, of course, get the most bright and unforgettable impressions in life!

If you read this short insight and you still have 1000 & 1 questions about working abroad, then we will be happy to tell you more and fan the spark to build a new and worthy career and encourage personal growth! In the countries of this region there is always a place for you, since this labour market is extremely diverse and oriented towards expats. Due to the fact that the labour market in this region is one of the most developed in the world, there is always a huge range of different positions corresponding to your expectations.