The vast majority of people may associate their sincere intentions of working abroad with fears and doubts to be delusive. Middle East countries simultaneously beckon and cause mixed feelings, however we can briefly provide you with a convincing arguments and uncountable facts in support of your decision to work abroad.

Our Company started providing Legal Employment in UAE and other GCC countries from 2006; and consequently we managed to do this quite successfully! As soon as the “legal” component is present, all of the doubts among clients disappear during the first stages of communication with representative of our Company.

Our main goal is to help to get a job of your dream. Relying on our personal experience, we can assure you that our DubaiWork team is interested in supporting you to reach your career to the heights. However, this article not only discloses the story of our success but also provides you with all the details how to build your bright future.

In the actual circumstances, there are two ways people perceive the opportunity of working abroad, more specifically in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and the UAE, - those who prefer to change their country of residence for a long period of time as well as boost their career rapidly; and those who want to get new work experience, additional earnings, and accordingly return to their homeland being wealthy and as a many-sided and worldly-wise personality. This is how we try to help you decide on the first stages of your decision-making process related to your career opportunities in UAE and other GCC countries. Also we may assist you in determining exactly what you expect from this journey into your life. Question number one, which is quite important and requires from you honesty and clarity of your position, - What do I expect from moving to a new Country of Employment?

"Why did we choose the region?" - the arguments are quite simple: here you will be looked at and assessed objectively according to your skills and experience, your willingness to see the world and become better. Another argument you may find convincing is that there is no overt bureaucracy and prejudice in terms of race, gender or age. Respectively, your chances of obtaining the job you want increase in quantity; and quality and you can almost completely rely on your strength. We will only help you to complete the Employment process avoiding hitching and unnecessary stress during your job interview, so you will be able to pass it successfully.

Our lawyers have worked in the Persian Gulf countries and constantly follow all the updates of the Labor Legislation, which completely protects you from unexpected negative consequences when signing Labor Contracts with Employers. What we believe is really important for every candidate to be employment abroad – is to know his or her rights as well as feel safe and secure.

Our company operates, as a mediator to connect Employers, fulfilling their recruitment needs, with highly qualified and experienced Employees, enabling them to exceed their potential, in a wide range of market sectors and geographic locations. We provide a full range of recruitment services in Hotel & Restaurant Business, Health & Beauty, Sports & Fitness, Retail, Sales & Trade, Marketing & PR, Logistics, Security, Law, Building & Construction and many others.

DubaiWork is proud to announce that we maintain a team of employees made up of competent professionals who are always ready to provide you with the support and assistance of high level; and willing to reach best results. Being experts in sourcing talents, we actively hunt for the best Candidates and help them to make a proper choice to build a successful career, and accordingly enhance their lives.